Hi, I am Justin Anderson, owner of this awesome site. SpinningReelGuide.net has been in the planning stages for several months and is now finally live. The site may take some time to update as we are a small team that insist on quality over quantity, we are all driven to creating the best site for fishing spinning reels, with possibilities of branching into other accessories. We want to create professional reviews that you actually find helpful and we decided early on we would pick and choose which products to list to ensure the spinning reel are of a high standard rather than plastering the site with below average equipment (there will be a low budget category – a small selection of the best spinning reels on a budget).

We want to make choosing spinning reels an easier task for you. During our initial research we struggled to find many sites dedicated to the reverb pedal so we feel with a lot of hard work we can fill that gap and become a leading name online. The 3 of us are all keen and experienced in fishing, we have access to many spinning reels from the current market to test out.

Please look around, bookmark us to come back when there’s some real meaty content for you to sink your teeth into!