The 5 Best Fishing Destinations in Canada

Canada is full of beautiful sights; everywhere you look, you will see something aesthetic. But did you know that what exists underwater in Canada is as beautiful, too?

Canada has 5 spots where you can go fishing, knowing that you will enjoy your time and the beauty of the fish. 

5 Best Fishing Destinations in Canada

1. Ucluelet in British Columbia

It is a small town that was not known outside of Canada; however, thanks to the richness of its lakes, it has become one of the destinations that anglers target to have beautiful fishing trips. 

Now, more than 99.000 people come to this area yearly only to enjoy fishing. 

It is best known for Chinook Salmon and Pacific Halibut, and the suitable time for fishing there ranges from May to September. 

Most of the fishing charters in Ucluelet will direct you to offshore fishing to the Big Bank, which is 25 miles offshore. It has plenty of baitfish and is called “Salmon Highway.” You can still find a lot of giant Halibut, though. Chinook Salmon that weighs over 30 pounds is very common there, especially during the summer. 

If you do not like to be offshore, Ucluelet should still be your destination. The shallow waters of Barkley Sound have Halibut, Rockfish, and Lingcod. 

For fishing in freshwater, go to the scenic Kennedy Lake Provincial Park. 

2. Yellowknife, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

Yellowknife is the tenth largest lake in the world, and it is the deepest in North America. It has various attractions ranging from Trout and fantastic diamonds to the beautiful Aurora. 

Most anglers come to this place wanting to fish for Trout -that weigh up to 75 pounds- but this is not an easy game because these fish are great fighters, so you better be ready. 

If you want to go there at the perfect timing, then go during the summer months. During such months, you will not only be there when the fish are on the bite, but you will also be able to enjoy fishing during the midnight sun. 

The area has a lot of lodgings to stay at during day and night to provide you with comfort, so you would be able to enjoy your trip. June is your best bet for trophy Lake Trout; whereas, Northern Pike is usually on the bite from late June to late September. 

If you are an adventure lover and always looking to try something new, Yellowknife -between mid-November and the beginning of April- will provide you with your needs. At that time, the area has different lighting, literally. You will enjoy the magnificent Northern lights and enjoy some of the best ice fishing Canada has to offer.

3. Mississauga, Lake Ontario, Ontario

It is the smallest of the Great Lakes. It is known for its Coho and Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Brown, and Lake Trout. The best time to go there is from May to October. 

If you want to catch Steelhead, Brown, and Lake Trout go during spring and summer, and if you want Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, go from June to October. However, anglers mostly go there to catch Salmon. What makes this whole experience more exciting though is tournaments like the renowned Great Ontario Salmon Derby.

Its location is perfect because it is very near to Toronto, where you can engage in various activities. 

4. North Lake, Prince Edward Island

It is also known as “Tuna Capital of The World,” because it regularly has 600–1,200 lb Bluefins. However, you need to know that you may spend around 3 hours before being able to actually catch one of them because they can put up big fights. 

What makes this area stand out is how close to land you can find these gems, so it is an excellent place if you do not like going offshore. 

Moreover, this is not just an exceptional place for Tuna-fishing; it also has Mackerel and Shark, as well as Makos and Blues, who make their appearance in late summer. 

5. Campbell River, British Columbia

If you are obsessed with Salmon fishing, Campbell has an abundance of all five species of Salmon: Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink, and Sockeye. Every year, millions of migrating Salmon flood the Discovery Passage on their way to the streams and rivers they spawn in.

The best time for catching the species is as follows: Chinook from July to September, Coho from June to September, Pink and Sockeye are from mid-July through August, and Chum Salmon's best time is Autumn. 

Whether you love fishing in saltwater or freshwater, you are going to have fun either way, because there is as much action in freshwater as there is in seawater. 

You think that maybe you will get bored of fishing for Salmon? No problem. You can always switch to bottom fishing for Rockfish or Halibut.

Bottom Line:

In order to be able to enjoy fishing, you have to study the best places where you can find the kind of fish you want to catch. This study surely will take time, but once you have collected enough information, I guarantee that fishing will never be the same for you; it will be a hundred times easier and more enjoyable. 

You can go to Ucluelet, YellowKnife, North Lake or any of the above places depending on your time flexibility and the kind of fish you want to catch. 


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