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As a newcomer to the world of kayak fishing, you might feel overwhelmed by the wide range of choices that is out there. If you’ve been wondering how and where to find quality fishing kayaks, you don’t need to look any further. This guide will take you through the top brands in the market highlighting who makes the best fishing kayaks. After reading this, choosing a fishing kayak will be much easier for you. Purchasing your kayak from these top brands will guarantee you with a durable product that will serve your kayaking needs.

1 – Hobie

Hobie fishing kayakThe fishing kayaks from Hobie are one of the best-known quality products in the fishing world. Being one of the best hands-free fishing kayaks, they offer comfortable pedaling from spot to spot. Newer versions feature the Mirage Drive 180 that allows full power reverse propulsion. These fishing kayaks come with unique foot peddle systems that literally cannot be found anywhere else.

Even with these amazing features, they still cater to the basic needs of the angler. They allow for stand-up fishing, ample storage, and shallow water docking.

Probably, because of the uniqueness and long standing position in the market, these kayaks are considerably pricey. They can easily be found in local dealer stores, their website, and online shops (see products on Amazon).

2 – Native Watercraft

You may have run across this brand a couple of times while scouring the internet. It’s with good reason. Their Propel Pedal Drive system makes them very popular. They make one of the most comfortable propel pedal fishing kayaks. This is perfect for consumers who want to use their hands more for fishing instead of rowing.

Their patented hybrid canoe kayaks give them a competitive edge in the world of fishing kayaks. They utilize the best of both worlds. These kayaks have more accommodation space than most in the market and they allow you more versatility in your fishing positions. Probably the most comfortable kayaks for standing, they give you a wider range of view and you can cast net really easy with these kayaks.

They are a bit on the higher side and are for the consumer who wants to start off with the highest quality: visit Native Watercraft website

3 – Ocean Kayak

This particular brand appeals to more than just fishermen. Their affordable prices and acclaimed tandem fishing kayaks make them a favorite of many families. They track well and true and provide stability which makes them comfortable for beginners. These qualities are also necessary for wide expansive waters where you may encounter stiff winds and some waves.

They are also perfectly suited for ocean water. Their products have hit the perfect blend of speed, maneuverability, and stability. These are exactly suited for any conditions that one may encounter in ocean water from calm waters to raging waves.

They are manufactured with the angler’s needs in minds. The foot bracing, comfort seats and adequate capacity for storage are meant to make the kayak fishing experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Their products are listed on their website with their date of manufacture helping you choose the latest model.

4 – Wilderness Systems

Wildyfishing kayak fishing seatroutFor more than 30 years, this particular brand offers one of the most acclaimed paddling experiences in the world. They are the best fishing kayaks for those who prefer rougher waters. With their increased rocker and their utilization of the Helix MD™, these kayaks are an obvious choice for professional anglers.

Some of their best features are their seating features, the Air Pro MAX is highly adjustable and provides the support that you need for your lower back. Their storage facilities are exceptional. They provide sealed facilities and have more than adequate space for all your storage.

For the features that they come with, they may be a bit pricey. They can easily be found on Amazon, at local dealers and their website.

5 – Advanced Elements

If you are looking for inflatable kayaks, then this is the best brand you can buy. They counter all the common issues that are related to inflatable kayaks i.e. lack of durability and lack of capacity, to cleverly come up with designs that can be used in moving rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

The use of aluminum to reinforce the hull design and the use of Abrasion Pads that protect the areas of the kayak at high risk, make this kayak highly durable. The use of the Accessory mounting rail offer consumers with a variety of easy access options. You get to bring as much gear as you want without having to worry about the capacity of this kayak. It also helps that they are highly portable. Loading it on your car will not be too much of a hassle if the ease of transportation is a challenge for you.

6 – Old Town

These kayaks are designed for serious fishermen. Known for their versatility and high maneuverability, they feature a good number of things that make hands free kayak fishing enjoyable. The foot controlled rudder system and the advanced pedal powered fishing system allows you to keep your hands on the rod while still propelling either forwards or backward in the water.

One of its best features is its removable pedal drive that tips up instantly for shallow water docking. This is the perfect fishing kayak if you plan on getting to those hard to reach spots.

Visit Old Town website

Final Words

I hope you have an idea of who makes the best fishing kayaks after reading this guide. While these are only a few of the numerous brands that are out there, I guarantee that they are of a higher quality than most. This information will definitely be useful as you make your first purchase.

Remember to be mindful of your location, choose a kayak that is comfortable enough for you, a propulsion system that works for you and a kayak that has adequate storage space for all your gear as you purchase a new fishing kayak. In short, make sure that the kayak that you buy coincides with your needs.

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