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How to Choose a Fishing Line for Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are the predominant reels in the fishing world due to their affordable price and shorter learning curve. And while almost all type of fishing lines can be spooled onto a spinning reel, there are some features that distinguish one from the other. Moreover, each line is more suitable for different purposes and making the wrong […]

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How To Choose a Fish Finder

​Technology has really made its way to all aspects of our lives, and fishing is not an exception. Fish finders are an amazing invention that allows you to easily locate your fish and multiply your catches. When you’re shopping the best fish finders on the market, there are a few features that will help you pick […]

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Saltwater Fishing Tips, Tricks & Techniques

If you’re going to set out to sea, you need to learn a couple of things to do your fishing optimally. In this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about hooks, lures, techniques, lines, and saltwater spinning reels.Tips on How to Fish in SaltwaterKnow Your EnvironmentThe first thing you should be aware of […]

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