How to Catch a Bass – Bass Fishing for Beginners

Bass Fishing Tips

Whether you’re going to fish for Largemouth bass, Smallmouth, Choctaw, spotted, striped, white, or Guadalupe, you have to pick the right spinning reel for bass, the right lure, and use the right techniques.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the tips and tricks that will help you catch all the bass you want.

How to Catch a Bass - Full Guide

Choosing The Right Reels and Lures for Bass


Generally, there are 3 main types of lures you can use to catch bass: Crankbaits, spinner baits, and plastic worms.

Any of them will work regardless of the place or time. The important thing about your bait is its color.

Using a red-colored bait is helpful as it makes the bass think the bait is injured and this propels them to bite at it. This also means you shouldn’t throw away shredded worms as they work as a perfect lure for bass, especially in shallow water.

You can also use live bait. Worms, crawfish, or minnows work perfectly as live bait for catching bass. You can even store any excess in some dirt in the fridge for your next fishing trip.

Some other live baits include frogs, salamanders, and insects.


When it comes to reels, you can choose either a spinning one or a spin cast one.

The former needs more expertise, so if you’re a beginner, you might want to start with a spin cast reel.

You should choose a reel whose size is suitable depending on the size and weight of the bass you’re going to be fishing for.

Picking The Best Time of Year to Fish for Bass

When you’re fishing for bass, you should catch them during pre-spawn. This is the time that the fish are waking up for their mating cycle after having been inactive during winter.

This usually happens when the water temperature rises up to 55 or 60 degrees. Typically, around early spring and through the whole season.

If you fish for bass at this time, you can find them closer to the shore and closer to the surface.

This doesn’t mean you can’t fish for bass during other times of the year, but this particular period will get you the most catches.

Picking Best Time of Day to Fish for Bass

The early hours or the last hours of the day are the best hours to catch your bass. This is usually an hour before sunrise or sunset.

If you’re fishing during the middle of the day, make sure to look for bass in shaded areas as they hide from direct sunlight.

Picking The Best Spots To Catch Bass?

The general location

By using a map, you can find the different depths of the areas of the water you’ll be fishing in.

If you’re fishing during the non-peak season, you’re probably going to find the bass near the bottom.

The specific location

Bass usually like hanging around covers such as trees or stumps. You can find them near boat docks or bridge posts as well as hanging tree branches or weeds.

This may put your lures or hooks at risk of getting stuck to these objects, but it’s a risk worth taking as the bigger bass would be found around these areas.

Knowing The Techniques for Bass Fishing

When you catch your bass and put it in the Livewell, the fish usually spits out whatever it was feeding on.

This should give you a good clue on what kind of bait you should use for the rest of the day.

For example: if the bass you caught spits out a shad, you should fish for others using color Crankbait or Swimbait.

Whereas if your bass spits out small minnows, go for a drop-shot rig with a small plastic.

It might take some time and persistence for bass to finally respond and bite onto your bait, so don’t give up on the first try.

Even though fishing in the direction of the wind may decrease the length of your cast, it’s a better way to catch a bass.

This is due to the fact that bass is known to swim with the direction of the current rather than against it.


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