How to choose best fishing reel-Infographic

There are a LOT of spinning fishing reels out there.  So let’s narrow down the criteria for this article on how to chose best fishing reel.

•    First, we are going to focus on size of the reels,  small reel work well for smaller water, although a good fisher person will bring in a catch that should have been on medium or possibly heavy tackle.  So the reels we will look at are going to be smaller of bigger depends on where you want to fish.
•    Second, let’s look at the reel body. Best fishing reel will have stainless steel bearings that can withstand the environment. It will also have the spindle being of higher quality metal.
•    And third, as always, you have to consider the species of fish.

To find out more, check out the infographic bellow.

how to choose best fishing reel infographic

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Justin Anderson

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