Preparing For A Fishing Trip

It is Sunday morning, and you and your friends are finally there next to the lake you have decided you’ll fish in. You begin your day very excited and eager to have this fantastic experience, but at the end of the day, you are just disappointed. You haven't caught a lot of fish. What’s more, the ones you caught aren’t really what you were looking for. Did you run out of bait or did your fishing line get tangled? It would be a bummer if you had no spare. And to top all of that it was really cold.

These are just a couple of problems you may face when you’re out on your fishing trip. And that’s why you should prepare well and plan ahead.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to prepare for your fishing trip:

What’s My Itinerary?

Finding the right body of water to fish in has a massive impact on how successful your fishing trip is.

You shouldn't rely on just your fishfinder but also consider navigational routes.

Moreover, determine when you want to leave and when you’ll return.  If you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time, you may also need to plan meal times.

What Species Will I Fish For?

Every species has its fishing techniques and baits that attract it.

So don’t expect to catch any trout using frogs or any bass using catfish bait.

Check the fishing reports to see the most common catches at your destination, and then gather tips and tricks to catch the species you’re targeting.

What Gear Do I Need?

The gear you use also affects your fishing experience, so make sure you have the proper one. This includes having the right rod, a good reel, and effective baits that work well on your targeted species.

Do I Need Fishing Licenses?

Finding the shops that sell licenses and knowing their working hours has become very easy thanks to the Internet.

Search for the state you’ll be fishing in, buy the license online or locate a shop that sells it there, and get going on your fishing adventure.

Should I Bring Food and Water?

Even if you’re fishing in a well-stocked lake, don’t count on catching fish for your meals.

Several things can go wrong with your fishing sessions such as the weather turning bad, the fish being dormant, or simply an unlucky day of fishing.

You can rely on granola bars or beef jerky for lunch and leave the big meal for dinner.

Should I Set Up a Camp?

The best fishing spots are usually pretty far off the beaten path, so it's always a good idea if you prepare camping set up.

Bring a tent, tables, and make sure you have plenty of space. Moreover, keep your food locked up in a tight container whenever you’re sleeping or away from the campsite. You don’t want wild animals snooping around your campsite.

Do I Need a Boat?

A boat is the best way to have access to all parts of the water –something you probably wouldn't have if you stick to the shore unless it's a river or a stream that you can access from a bridge.

You can easily rent a boat or even book a chartered trip.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

You should prepare yourself very well for the weather conditions you’ll be facing. Check the weather reports in advance for the days you plan to be fishing.

Moreover, you should have a flexible plan that enables you to get around unexpected lousy weather conditions.

Should I Consider Motion Sickness?

If you’re already used to the sea, there wouldn’t be an issue. However, motion sickness medication should be in your first aid kit.

Do I Understand the Water I’ll Be Fishing In?

Checking out a map of the water surface you’ll be fishing in can make a world’s difference. You should be aware of any weeds, crooks, landmarks, rocks, or any other obstacles you might find in the water.

This helps keep your boat safe, your hook from getting stuck in the wrong places, and most importantly, enables you to find the fish you're seeking.

For example, bass are pretty shy and hide behind covers and crooks. So if you know where to find those, you double your chances of catching them.

It’s always a good idea to read about the fishing surface before you head out. Each body of water has its secrets, and so do the fish that live in it.

Justin Anderson

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